Famouri House

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Famouri House is a beautiful, historical house in center of Tehran, with 3 spacious rooms and a beautiful café, suitable for a business or private stay.


The Rooms

We love to make you feel at home!

Famouri House offers 3 beautifully designed and decorated rooms, each owning a specific character and many delicate, special details. The light, design and material all grant a very pleasant feeling in an atmosphere, where you immediately feel at home.


Cafe and Dining

Taste our gourmet delicacies...

Kitchen is the heart of any home and we are one! We believe in the pleasant tradition of eating and drinking, next to simplicity and homemadeness. You are always welcome to come and join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a fresh drink.


Artist Residency

Get inspired at Famouri House...

Famouri House is a non-profit space that provides artists, curators, writers, and researchers from Iran and overseas the opportunity to live and create work in Tehran. Famouri furthers its mission to serve the community as an active host, facilitator, patron and partner for the arts, aiming to extend the mobility inside the country and engage the local artists with the non-Iranian ones to create more cultural exchanges through shaping a dialogue for both sides.

With an exciting palette of artistic opportunities and workshops, we hope to enrich our guests and our community.


Have a sneak peek of Famouri House!

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The Guestbook

What our guests told about us.

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At the heart of the city

Famouri House is a historical mansion located in the very center of Tehran, close to the historical and cultural scenery, festival grounds, cafes, museums, palaces, Grand Bazaar, City Theater, and old premisses of main foreign embassies. Famouri is on the fine line splitting the City Center and Old Tehran. It is hence a great place for local and international interactions while bestowing the unique experience of living in an exquisite old mansion.

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