Welcome to Famouri House

Famouri House is a historical mansion from the late Qajar dynasty that has been renovated and safeguarded against the ever-developing commercial environment, giving rise to towers and trade centres. It has fortunately been registered on the list of Tehran City historical heritages. Apart from its old and attractive architecture, its location in the very center of Tehran is an asset. It is close to Tehran’s historical and cultural scenery, festival grounds, cafes, museums, palaces, Grand Bazaar, City Theater, and old premises of main foreign embassies. Famouri is on the fine line splitting the City Center and Old Tehran. It is hence a great place for local and international interactions while bestowing the unique experience of living in an exquisite old mansion.
In its cultural capacity, Famouri House receives artists in residence as well as tourists. The philosophy of the House is all about connecting art and culture at local or international levels and encourage originality in the space, creating some unique experiences, rather than just a simple stay.

Guests and Tourists

Famouri House welcomes tourists and travelers who want to experience living in this beautiful house for a couple of days or longer and explore Tehran. Resting in the very center of Tehran, Famouri House is a great place for the locals and international guests to create a unique experience of living a first-hand experience.

Artist Residency

The Purpose
The historical architecture of Famouri House and its whereabouts can be a great inspiration for the local and international artists, writers and researchers to live and work. By providing the accommodation and studio space for the residents, Famouri furthers its mission to serve the community as an active host, facilitator, patron and partner for the arts, aiming to extend the mobility inside the country and engage the local artists with the non-Iranian ones to create more cultural exchanges through shaping a dialogue for both sides. With an exciting and diverse palette of artistic opportunities and workshops, we hope to enrich our guests and our community alike.

Individual Artists
Artists or researchers, from any media, are welcome to apply for the residency at Famouri House to develop a specific project. They will need to apply online via the application form with all the required criteria. The applications will be reviewed by the board and successful artists will be notified via email, making way for the best possible time for both the residency and artist.

Group Residencies
If you are a group of artists interested in travelling to Iran for an art project or a festival, we can host you in case of availability of the rooms.

Exchange Programs
We are eager to arrange art exchanges with the prominent artists or other art residencies in other countries with the objective of promoting artistic collaboration among the countries and providing the opportunity for the visiting artists to produce work, individually or jointly with Iranian artists. This will help introduce the resulting works into the regional and global art networks.

Special Offer

If you are an artist, aiming to travel to Iran and stay in Tehran for few days, Famouri House is eager to host you with a specific discount. You just need to reserve your room and send us your CV.